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‘Kus van de Cactus’ is a Mexican combination of a delicious and honest restaurant and cozy bar. It is a place where people gather, meet and share authentic Mexican food. A place that people discover and this all while enjoying typical Mexican recipes. 

With a tortilla machine from Mexico in house, we want to show and taste the craftsmanship of Mexican food. After all, with (gluten-free) tortilla as a base, you can create flavors and sensations than you think possible. We also color our menu with a sampling of the rest of the country’s gems. In meals and small dishes, such as crispy flautas, enchiladas verde, quesa Birria de res and not to mention the mole, where more than 60 ingredients make the flavor. 

Besides our base of operations for the daily bebidas (drinks) and platillos (meals), we welcome both small and somewhat larger groups for a custom feast, a special dinner or even an entire party to your liking. 

Because a fiesta is definitely part of it too!

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In the middle of the historic city center on the edge of a courtyard, our characteristic restaurant is located on a car-free square. The accessibility is excellent. Both for walkers and car drivers / motorists. Indeed, right next to our restaurant is the large parking garage De Kamp where you can park your car as a guest. 

At the front of our restaurant we have a spacious terrace where you can relax in the sun or under the awning and heater. When entering the restaurant you immediately see the authentic bar. Behind it is the kitchen with the tortilla machine from Mexico as a showpiece.

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The tricks of the trade and the secret recipes learned by my grandmother, mother and aunts mean that we serve real Mexican dishes to our guests. A great example of this authentic interpretation can be seen in the nachos. Handmade tortillas to totopos, own cheese sauce, with fresh guacamole, salsa Mexicana, jalapeños and topped with Mexican pulled meat. 

We also do the preparation of the salsas in an almost artful way, marked by attention. All the flavors, of both the ingredients and the method of preparation, can be tasted. 

The tortilla machine is a showpiece in our kitchen, but also for the guests who see how their dish gets the base. As a child, I loved going to the tortilleria. Just so you know, what to us in Holland is bread is a tortilla there. I can still smell the scent of the ground corn. And gluten-free, too!

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With homemade lemonades, cocktails, Mexican beers, mocktails and coffee and tea specials, we create something exclusive in addition to the delicious dishes. Guests enjoy coming back for our cocktails like a frozen margarita or paloma paired with nachos beso el cactus, the real nachos of the house.

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