Como empezó todo...

Guadalajara 1986 – Grandma’s house, like every Saturday, has been transformed into a family restaurant. Laughing cousins run through the patio, while the smell of “mole” lures me to the dining table, which serves as an extension of the kitchen for lack of space. All six of my aunts, my mother and grandmother are busy chopping vegetables, talking. They assign the dishes their own “touch,” a personal signature that makes my mouth water. Intrigued, I watch the kneading, preparation, but also the laughter. A colorful spectacle I want to be a part of. And may be! I cheer proudly as Grandma beckons me to the tamales. Not much later, people are filling their plates everywhere. Some I don’t know, but that’s common here in Mexico. After all, guests are always welcome. ”Que rico!” my uncle exclaims tastefully. Lovingly, my grandmother tells him that I made the tamales he just put in his mouth. And that from now on I may and will learn all the tricks of the trade!

Haarlem 2021 – Years later, more than 9,000 kilometers away and a lot of experience richer, I am standing at the edge of our own Mexican restaurant. Blessed with the taste buds of my homeland and happy with a Dutch heart. There is really only one thing I miss here in Holland. And that is Grandma’s house, colored by coziness, family and a sensation of real Mexican flavors.

Already upon entering our restaurant, located in the picturesque Haarlem courtyard, we will give everyone a typical Mexican warm welcome. After which you can bathe in even more fun, delicious food and of course live music every now and then.

The Kus van de Cactus is a small piece of Mexico in the middle of the center of Haarlem, where the drinks and even the smallest bites are delicious. To serve the authentic pleasure in honor, we prepare our traditional recipes with fresh Mexican ingredients. Thus, at the Kus van de Cactus you will be enchanted by real tortillas, tostadas and homemade salsas. Of course, we also pour the signature mezcal, tequila and cocktails to complete the taste of a mini trip through Mexico and create a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone will feel welcome, whether for a drink or an extensive meal.

Exactly like in Mexico itself!